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  • Angie Olson

Classroom 2 - December 2019

Thank you to everyone for connecting with us during conferences these past few weeks. We are truly grateful for such a caring and committed community of families.

Your children have been social, busy and focused with a nice variety of materials. We have added the Montessori Bells to the classroom, have been enjoying writing words/names on clipboards, building with recyclables and making paper chains. We will soon create salt dough decorations and orange pomander balls.

If your family has a favorite winter/holiday book or recipe you would like to share, we are a class that really appreciates good books and good food! Please continue to send snow pants/boots/hats and mittens during all types of weather this winter. These clothes help us stay warm, dry and sometimes, free of mud. Labeling these items will also help us to return them to you when they are left on the playground or lost. Thanks so much!

Take care, stay warm and enjoy the Holidays!

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