• Lisa Berry

Classroom 3 - February 2020

Greetings Classroom Three Families!

It is this time of the school year when so many lessons that were introduced in the beginning of the year, have now taken on many different meanings for the children's growth.

Watching some of the children take the brown stairs and pink tower materials and ask to make an extension work or seeing the development of taking a difficult puzzle and putting it together independently apart from the guide of a teacher. Reading a favorite book and listening to the children repeat the words with excitement.

Pouring a glass of milk and carefully, slowly, walking to the table. For some, putting on their outdoor clothing and being the first one ready to join the outdoor classroom brings great joy and a sense of “I Did it” “Growth is not merely an increase in size but a transformation." Dr. Maria Montessori Sometimes as teachers and parents, it’s difficult to know when to allow growth or when to step in and help. It’s good to step back to observe the situation and give it a moment to see if the child can handle it on their own. Let’s say, putting on their shoes independently from our guidance. We always encourage letting the child do self help skills that will serve them well in the long run.

We would also like to say a Big Thank You! For all the kind words and generous gifts that were displayed to our teaching team over the holidays. We are excited to have a new student joining our classroom. Welcome Willow and family! We're looking forward to seeing you sometime in February.


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