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  • Angie Olson

Classroom 2 - March 2020

These past couple of weeks, we have all been concentrating on getting well or staying well. We are so thankful to you, the families, for being so wonderful about keeping your children home when they are sick and need to rest.

In the classroom, we are all washing hands as throughly as ever, sanitizing all we can, and taking a break from self-serve snack, food prep, and playdough. We will do what we can, stay positive and spend extra time outdoors in the fresh air.

Thank you for continuing to send boots, coats, mittens and extra clothes for several more weeks, as our playground will remain wet/muddy for quite some time. Woodland does have many rain suits that children are welcome to wear. If the suits find their way home, simply wipe them off return them the next day.

The photos this month show the children working in a joyful and connected way. They are generally peaceful, happy and engaged in their work and have really learned how to communicate, collaborate and discover together. They enjoy arranging flowers, writing, painting, baking, reading books and counting beads together. They love creating maps, their own books, art projects and obstacle courses on the stage. They are handling this strange time so very well. So, soak up their joy and avoid the viruses.

Be well, Angie, Jenn, Paula and Kelsey

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