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  • Erin Trondson

A Call to Action

Dear Woodland Community ~ A Call To Action - It is important to take a moment to acknowledge the recent police brutality and violence in Minneapolis. Racial violence has been going on for so long, it is time to support our communities of color by acting. Last week, the Woodland's Diversity & Equity leadership team met: this includes Lucía Ledesma, the WMS Chair of Diversity & Equity; Lisa Berry, the Diversity & Equity Specialist at Woodland; and our new Board President, Colleen Manner; and me. From this meeting, we determined we wanted to ask the white families of Woodland to accept a call to action: please talk to your children about racism. Lisa Berry is offering you a personal statement here as well as many excellent resources for how to talk to your child about racism. Our team is also recommending these additional links:

Take what you learn and act! Let's end this here. It has gone on for too long.

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