Alumni Corner - Margo Stanger

November 4, 2018



I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Knox College in 2017 where I was a physics major, chemistry minor, and French minor. After graduating I volunteered for a few months in an elementary school and a high school as an ESL teaching aid for francophone Congolese students who had recently moved to America. Since then I worked as a medical scribe and as a caregiver before starting at Epic this summer. I attended Woodland from '97-'00 and was a part of the first toddler house class. The nickname "Montessori Margo" stuck around with me for years after I moved on from Woodland, but the lessons I learned have lasted even longer. When I attended Woodland we had to contain our play and craft messes to the confines of a small woven carpet and we were only allowed to have one carpet out at a time. This enforced the sentiment that it was fine to make a mess, as long as you cleaned it up before you made another mess. Extrapolating this do my adult life was not as much of a stretch as it may seem. It's ok to be a mess or make a mess in one aspect of your life, as long as you clean it up before you make the next one.

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