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Classroom 4 February in Review

February 27, 2019


We had a lovely pajama Pancake breakfast. The children really enjoyed eating family style as they munched pancakes with homemade syrup on top. They washed it all down with a glass of chocolate milk. Thanks to all the volunteers for your help, it really makes all the difference to have involved families at Woodland.  



In the Montessori classroom we provide the children with open ended opportunities to create different forms of art. We use markers, crayons, colored pencils, stamps, watercolor, pastels, tape, glue, and, as some of you have noticed, materials headed for the recycling bin. Our goal is to give them the tools to be creative and help guide them through the process, focusing on making the art as opposed to the end result. 




“If we try to think back to the dim and distant past... what is it that helps us reconstruct those times, and to picture the lives of those who lived in them? It is their art... It is thanks to the hand, the companion of the mind, that civilization has arisen."

—Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind




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