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Classroom Wish Lists

Toddler 1 Wish List

Purchase online and have delivered to the school with a message included in your order saying the item is for Toddler 1 from "Your name".  Then forward your receipt to the head of school notifying her to expect your delivery.


Woodland Montessori School

Attention: T1

A1124 Colby Street

Madison, WI 53715


These are all from :


Y221 Car Puzzle $6.95

Y116 Transparent Color Paddles $10.95

V221 Rolling Rover $16.95

V79 Construction Crew board books $19.95

V105 Garden Patch Puzzle $25.95

Y216Rainbow Flip $9.95

Y664 Geometry puzzle $9.95

Y217 Babu Rocker $24.99

A188 Extruder Dough Set $19.95

Y301  Pop-up Toy $13.95

D110 Mixing Set for 16 oz jar $14.95

Children's books are always appreciated.  

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