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  • Angie Olson

Classroom 2 January in Review

Our classroom was gifted so many nice things this past month, we just wanted to share these photos and sincerely thank this class for all their kindness and generosity!

We have been enjoying our amazing new speaker, working with our beautiful maps, reading excellent books, and using feelings cards to better express ourselves and connect with friends at the peace table.

Even cleaning up small spills is more enjoyable for everyone with our perfect new broom sets.

Watching, identifying and feeding the neighborhood birds is also a favorite gift and choice in the classroom.

Beautiful paper and oil pastels have kept the art table interesting, while donations of paper rolls, boxes and masking tape has made “creative collage” so very popular, we don’t see an end in sight (our apologies).

In Practical life, we received the materials for slicing and serving hard boiled eggs, shaking cream into butter, transferring and measuring liquid between tiny beakers, and creating patterns with colorful wooden beads.

A beautiful water/painting board is also well loved. The children find it interesting and almost meditative to watch the water strokes fade.

Finally, the children were excited to receive a basket of tiny, realistic animals that have inspired matching, counting and writing.

The classroom is joyful and focused. We have formed a community of care and trust where the children are given the freedom to explore and repeat what they are interested in. Thank you for your part in helping us to create this wonderful and engaging environment.

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