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Looking for a Reliable and Fun Full-Time Nanny/Household Manager

Our awesome nanny of 3 years is moving, and we are in need of a full-time nanny/household manager to start as soon as possible. We are looking for a reliable, outgoing, flexible and experienced nanny. Our last nanny became part of our family and we are looking for another person to have that same relationship.

We live in Waunakee and have two boys, 4 ½ and 7 ½ years old. Our 7-year-old is a full time second grader and our 4-year-old is in half day (PM) 4K. They are full of energy and love to go on “adventures” when they are not in school. They participate in various sports (basketball, soccer, swim), they love to check out new parks, go to the museum, make crafts/project or participate in any other fun activity you can think of!

We are a dual physician household with unusual schedules due to shift work (ER) and on-call (Surgeon) demands. Because of the nature of our careers, we need a nanny we can count on 100%. We are looking for someone to be full time and follow my schedule which is an ever-changing ER shift schedule. This schedule requires long days (kids in school on weekdays as noted above), some weekends and some overnight shifts every month. On average, it will be 40 hours a week, but some weeks will be shorter, and some weeks will be longer. No two weeks are the same, but the good news is, you will only work 13-15 days out of the whole month and have the rest of the time off.

During regular weekday shifts, the nanny will help boys with a light breakfast, get the older one off to school and have the morning to hang out with our younger son. He will then need lunch and to be dropped off at school at 11:30. Both boys take the bus home in the afternoon. The nanny will help with homework and getting the boys to activities in the afternoon/evening. Depending on the day, the nanny will also prepare a healthy meal for the boys and get them to bed. When the boys are in school, the nanny will be expected to help with family laundry, family errands, grocery shopping, meal prep etc.

We are looking for someone with at least 1-2 years’ experience and a clean driving record is a must. We have had our current nanny with us for 3 years and we function as a team and are always trying to work together to take care of our boys. We are looking for that special someone who can join our family and be part of our team.

Pay: $600 – 700 weekly BOE, paid vacation and holidays, money towards health insurance, access to a car while working

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Seeking Full-Time Nanny for 3 yo and newborn

Woodland family seeking a full-time nanny to care for 3 year old son and newborn daughter (expected this May). The nanny’s primary responsibilities will be to care for and nurture the children with appropriate milestones for the child. The nanny would also be responsible for transporting the 3 year old to and from school, healthy child meal planning and care for school days off/mild illness. We are looking for someone who can be flexible with their schedule, is out-going and would become a part of our family and the Arboretum Co-Housing Community.

The position would start in August. The family is looking for a nanny that has at least two years of professional, child-related experience, is self-motivated, fun, imaginative, dependable, 100% present, kind hearted, nurturing, patient, and passionate about working with a family. They want the nanny to also take joy in positive interaction and verbal communication with the child and child’s community. A nanny that likes to work as a team, is comfortable with open communication on a daily basis, and hardworking is highly desired.

Hours negotiable and will range from 30-45 hours per week with occasional evening care, and one weekend a month. The nanny will be given a schedule in advance and the nanny will need to be flexible. Hourly wage is $16-$22 per hour depending on experience and education, with raises and bonuses based on performance. Additional time off an benefits available. The family is looking for a long-term commitment and to seeing the nanny become a part of their family. The nanny should be comfortable with 2 cats.

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