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  • Ambra Baldwin Hart

Kindergarten February in Review

February has been a bit of a lion with all of this winter weather, but we have continued to enjoy our time together and our work with friends. The cold and snow brought up a discussion about what people without homes do in poor weather. We also wondered about whether or not there are children in Madison without homes.

Kate and I asked the children if they thought they were "mighty" enough to help these people, and the kids said no! What?! So we talked about what they could do to help, even if they are 5 and 6 years old. They came up with a GREAT project!

Around the main building you will see signs that say "Mighty Box of Kindness" on them. There are green boxes near Door A and Door B for donations of toilet paper, first aid supplies, and new socks. These items will be donated to The Road Home in Madison.

It is fun to see the kids feel such empowerment and excitement over helping those in need. We are looking forward to seeing these items come in and fill up these boxes!

In addition to our time in our classroom, we have enjoyed the winter as much as we can! We took a trip over to Olin Park to go sledding. What a fun time! We totally got our heart rates up and laughed our heads off! It was awesome!

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