• Lisa Berry

Classroom 2 - August 2019

Thank you to the Classroom 2 families who shared their generous donations for our backpack drive. We were able to stuff twenty-five backpacks. We're preparing to distribute them to our broader community. With much gratitude, Diversity and Equity committee!

It's that time of the year again--we've turned around and realized we're already here at the last week of summer camp. It has been such a wonderful experience having this particular group of kiddos--they make us laugh (heartily, not that fake laugh stuff) every single day. We teachers are constantly sharing stories with each other of a little thing here or a delightfully strange thing there that one of your precocious young tots felt compelled to share with us, so again, thank you for sharing them with us.

Lisa has been working many a'line time on skin tones--where we get them (ask your kids!) and what they mean. Kelsey worked with the kids on beautiful collages (pick yours up in their cubby!), and Meredith and Matt had a Tie Die day with the late day kids. Did you by chance hear about your child holding a real human organ? Dr. John made his annual visit to Woodland! He brought several different organs for the children to touch, learn, and ask questions about.

Thank you, C2 parents, for volunteering for swim days, for being so kind and thoughtful to interact with, and, again, for trusting us with the most precious things you have. These summers are so very special, and I hope at least a little bit of this stuff sticks around in their long-term memories.

We'll see you in the fall!


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