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Classroom 2 - November 2019

In our second month of school, we have added some optional specials that the children have really been enjoying! They love weekly baking projects with Jenn, Spanish with Raquel, Hmong with Tia, and Music with Lynn. Specific days and times for each special will be posted at the top of our staircase.

If you (our parents/grandparents/caretakers) are interested in sharing a skill, interest, recipe, art project, book etc, we would love to invite you to share with us during morning or late afternoon hours. The children are a kind, interested and attentive audience that love to learn, so please consider a visit at some point this year!

Thank you for sending cold weather/snow gear, it is much appreciated! Just a reminder to write your child’s name in everything (even mittens and boots) so they can be returned when lost. It is also the season for “indoor shoes” or slippers, so we can avoid tracking mud and water into the classroom. Classroom extras of most of these things are usually available by sign in sheets. If you have mittens or boots that are too small, we will gladly take them!

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