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  • Matt Strosnider

Classroom 3 - November 2019

Dear C3 Parents,

As autumn gets ready to leave, we're approaching everyone's favorite time of year with little ones--snowsuit season! A gentle reminder to please bring your child's cold weather clothing. We go out in the cold--it's a lot of our kiddos' favorite season!

In fact, putting on and shedding snowsuits is a nice segue into something very fun and important that is really taking off with this group right now--independence. Putting on and taking off clothing, going to the bathroom, packing and unpacking lunches--these are all things our C3 friends have worked so very hard on, and the results are very clear, encouraging, and sweet. We hope their work has translated to home. It's a very exciting development for our friends!

Another heartwarming occurrence has been the slow transition from parallel play to friendships. Please feel free to ask your child who they tagged around with--they certainly have become a crew of social butterflies.

Thank you as always for bringing your most precious people into our school and community!

Raquel, Lisa, and Matt

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