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  • Jenny Alejandro

Gratitudes - October 2019

  • Thank you, Colleen Manner (James C1 & Ray C2) for donating kiwi for snack.

  • Thanks to the Busse family (Otto C1/K & Frank C3) for donating apples for snack.

  • Thanks to the following C1 families for providing a delicious October Staff Meeting Dinner:

  • Kristina Espinoza

  • Shelbi Day

  • Mary Rihani

  • Amanda Isaksson

  • Jennifer Pumper

  • Eileen Storm

  • Anna Feuille

  • Cathy O'Brien

  • Fall Festival Snack Donations:

  • Anna Ganz

  • Julia Stover

  • Brooke Norsted

  • Sean Anderson

  • Ashby Kent

  • Erica Jessen

  • Anna Scott

  • Cathy O’Brien

  • Paula Ryan

  • Mary Rihani

  • Amy O’Shea

  • Eileen Storm

  • Mary Swenson

  • Thanks to the Egelseer’s Family (Alli C1 & Gabe C3) for donating grapes and apples.

  • Thank you, Krizia Villanueva (Maya C3) for donating Apple Cinnamon Energy Balls.

  • Thank you, Marcella Goff (Arlo C2) for donating apples for snack.

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