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  • Becky Jones

Toddler 1 - November 2019

Teachers using the tools of observation are always on the lookout for this moment: we call it

the ‘tongue out moment’, when the child’s concentration is so focused that, without them even

realizing it, their whole body is involved in completing the task at hand. We respond in the

moment by leaving the child free to repeat the activity again and again. We use this

observation to identify the sensitive period of learning the child is in and plan future activities

to assist the learning progression. The development of concentration is one of the central aims

of Montessori education, for it is a natural human tendency incorporating all the senses in a

way that aids learning and leads to mastery of the self.

“The child who concentrates is immensely happy,” Dr. Montessori observed, and the child who

is allowed to practice repetition is following their inner drive to repeat an activity over and over

until they have mastered it. The work must be challenging yet possible for them to attempt on

their own, and just the act of squeezing water from a sponge to a pitcher becomes an

opportunity for focus, repetition and mastery of a new skill.

Classroom update

The toddlers are now enjoying the weekly enrichment activities of yoga and music. On

Tuesdays, Miranda leads us in yoga songs and movements like the Sun Salutation Song. She

introduces us to poses named for different animals that we love to imitate. She even brings

animal “stuffies” for us to squeeze, which helps us get a good stretch. Corey brings his guitar

on Wednesdays, along with musical instruments and scarves. You may hear some verses of Old MacDonald or Trot Old Joe as the toddlers become familiar with these beloved songs.

We tried out two new recipes during group cooking time this month: strawberry smoothies and

banana muffins. The toddlers poured berries and yogurt into the blender so carefully. They

mashed bananas and took turns stirring the muffin batter and scooping it into cups. They

contributed to the Woodland community by sharing the muffins at the All School Open House.

We hope you liked them!

It was wonderful to see so many families at Open House, and we hope everyone enjoyed this

peek into the classroom. It has been a pleasure getting to know all of our T1 families.

The Class Picture and individual photos taken in October by Kelly McKenna Patterson are now

available for you to own. We are so fortunate to have Kelly at Woodland to create these

adorable mementos. Our whole class was able to gather for the group photo—thank you


Becky Jones, Carolina Diaz and Tia Thao

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