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  • Kate Schiffman

Kindergarten - November 2019

If we can say only one thing about our group it is that, they truly love spending time with each other. They love their friends and continue to happily branch out and work with new friends. Even though our kindergarten is a larger group it continues to feel more and more tightly knit all the time!

We have also settled into our work. Many of you may have noticed that your kindergartener has begun to bring home works that are bigger, more challenging, and took several days to complete. We have been talking about the layers of the earth and last Friday we went on a leaf walk and then also pressed our leaves,

Lastly we have begun our job rotation. Everyday we after we come in from outside we start our jobs. Each week they get to do a different job! The jobs range from dusting shelves to pet care to drying and putting away dishes.

We are excited for sledding, the snowflakes and the warm cozy days that lay ahead.


Kate & Ambra

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