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  • Jennifer Hoyt

Classroom 1 - December 2019

It was great to be able to meet with all of you during parent teacher conferences, thank you for taking the time to meet with us.

Thank you to Brooke Norsted for sharing dinosaur fossils and replicas from the Geology

Museum with Classroom 1, and for sharing the dinosaur fossil dig work. The children were

fascinated to see the actual size of dinosaur teeth and they also discovered how difficult it is to be a paleontologist. It takes lots of patience and time to uncover fossils in the ground!

After the holidays we will be starting a project for the Annual Auction Fundraiser in the Spring, if you have any old material or shirts that are cotton or cotton blends that you would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated!

While observing in Classroom 1 last week(yes, I was able to sit and observe for a few minutes

because the children were so engaged!) it was so amazing to see how comfortable and

adjusted the children are. The three year olds are feeling confident and becoming more

independent, choosing work on their own and following through with getting the work out,

working on it and putting it back on the shelf. The four year olds have been challenging

themselves to new work expanding their knowledge of letter sounds and numbers as well as

geography. The five year olds are helping the younger children and working so hard on their

challenging Kindergarten works, it was a beautiful observation that made me so appreciate the

Montessori method and how it supports all the children and builds up not only their cognitive

skills, but their social emotional skills and their confidence.

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