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Gratitudes November 2019

  • Thanks to the Ganz family (Maddy C1/K & Jack C4) for donating quesadillas for snack.

  • Thank you, Amy and Damon (Frank C3) for donating sweet potato chips for snack.

  • Thank you, Tristan Breedlove (Caleb T1) for donating organic goldfish for snack.

  • Thank you, Kira Rama (Milo T1) for donating ZDough playdough.

  • Thank you, Soumya (Yara C3) for sharing some delicious oranges and reading a beautiful book, “Festival of Colors” for the children in Classroom 3.

  • Thank you, Ellie (C2) for sharing the game, Pallina with our class.

  • Thank you, Serena (C2) for sharing the game, Orchard, with our class.

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